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        The University endeavors to develop the quality of its students through an educational programme which emphasizes interaction between classroom teaching and practical experience. It is a participating institution in the national pilot “Project to Improve the Quality of University Students”. The University’s Youth League Committee was the only one among Normal Universities to receive the title of “National May the Fourth Red Flag Exemplar”. Our students’ results in the CET-4 and CET-6 examinations for non-English majors, and the different levels of examination in computer skills, are consistently in the front rank in our Province, and we have achieved noteworthy success in national theatre festivals, sports tournaments, academic competitions, science activities and similar events. For example, the “Blue Sky” society for protection of the environment has repeatedly been named as a nationally outstanding student organization. The World Wildlife Fund has awarded it the “Best Conservation Practice Award for Global Living Lakes”. It is the only higher education student organization in the country to be given this award. The Pureness, Vigor, ResponsibilityEfforts to Cultivate Young People’s Spirit and Shape Young People’s New Image submitted by the school won the first prize of the eighth National University Campus Cultural Outstanding Achievement; The choir of the Conservatory of Music won the gold prize in the vocal category of the professional group in the 4th National College Student Art Exhibition Competition. Our graduate Yang Wenjun became the first sportsman in history to win successive Olympic gold medals in sprint canoeing. Jin Ziwei, with the other members of the Chinese team, achieved an amazing breakthrough in winning the gold medal for women’ s rowing tours in 2008, and as well she was the national flag bearer for the Chinese athletes at the 16th Asian Games in 2010. Lao Yi won the 2010 Asian Games gold medal for the men’ s 100 meters, becoming the first Chinese athlete in history to win this event at the Asian Games. In 2011, Shou Minchao won three gold medals at the 26th World University Games, the best result ever achieved by Jiangxi Province at these Games. The school has always attached great importance to the development of extracurricular academic science and technology activities led by the “Challenge Cup” competition, as an important means of talent training and an important platform for students’ quality development. The University team gained one item of special prize, two items of first prize, fifteen items of second or third prize in the 2013, 2015 and 2017 “Challenge Cup” Outside-Class Academic, Scientific and Technological Works Competition, a breakthrough for all participating colleges from Jiangxi Province, entered top 50 of all participants and became an initiate University of the competition. In 2014, 2016 and 2018 “Youth Creation National College Students’ Entrepreneurship Competition”, JXNU won one gold award of “Entrepreneurship Plan Competition”, “Entrepreneurship Practice Challenge Competition”, “Charity Entrepreneurship Competition”, and 11 silver and bronze awards. It is the only University in Jiangxi province to realize the three main events of  “Youth Creation” and the University has won the National Excellent Organization Award for many times. In the Fourth National Teaching Skills Competition for Normal College Students, the total number of student awards ranked the first in China (tied). In September 2017, the University joined the third China's “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. The group’s total score was among the top 20 in the country and won the National Advanced Group Award. In October 2018, the University participated in the fourth China’s “Internet +” College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and won one gold, two silver and two bronze, and achieved a breakthrough in Gold Award in Jiangxi Province. The total score was ranked seventeenth in the national universities, and won the National Advanced Group Award. 

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